Fire Blockers, Inc. is an FM 4991 approved contractor as well as a HILTI Accredited Firestop Specialty Contractor (HAFSC), STI Firestop Specialty Contractor, and a 3M Master Contractor. We are also licensed to do work in the states of Louisiana and Arkansas.

We use the latest “state of the art” software for doing our take-offs (i.e. On Screen Takeoff; REVIT). Let us talk to you in more detail about integrated delivery, 3D modeling and clash detection.

In addition to firestopping we also do a large amount of accoustical caulking. With the derating of walls there are in some case more “smoke” walls than fire walls in a building. We provide you with a turn-key price for all caulking.

We are insured, bondable and familiar with all types of insurance programs such as OCIP, ROCIP, ACIP, CCIP…

The precedent has been set in litigation cases concerning firestop. Just because you get your “Green Tag” you are not removed from liability. If you do not know whether or not all firestop is being installed in compliance with a tested system, meets code, and have documentation — you need to give us a call.

Life Safety is ultimately the responsibility of the owner. If there is a general contractor involved in the new or retrofit work or upgrading of facilities it’s his responsibility.

Fire extinguishers, smoke alarms & sprinkler systems are good for reacting to fire but they do nothing to prevent fire. Our line of fire retardants actually can PREVENT fires!

The performance of firestop systems and joint systems is determined by fire testing. Through-penetrations and membrane penetrations are tested to the following criteria: ASTM E 119, UL 263, NFPA 251, ASTM E 814, and UL 1479. Joint systems are tested to: ASTM E 119, ASTM E 1966, ASTM E 1399 (for cycling), ASTM C 719 (adhesion and cohesion), and UL 2079. NFPA 96 (Grease Ducts).

Firestopping is an important but sometimes neglected process that needs to be done to stop the spread of fire and its byproducts through openings made to accommodate piping, cables, duct… We can give you the assurance that you have an approved firestop system that has been properly installed.